Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Oxford, AL

hardwood flooring in oxfordWho doesn’t love the grain, gloss, swirls, and whorls of hardwood flooring in Oxford, AL? This flooring classic is a perennial favorite for homes of all styles. To choose sturdy hardwood floors that offer lasting beauty, visit the well-organized showroom at Kemp Flooring. We provide our customers with both engineered and solid hardwood in a handsome array of species and finishes.

Start your shopping by consulting with our flooring experts. These professionals can point out the differences, so you end up with exactly what you want in your home. They also assist with design to ensure the hardwood you select complements your décor.

Choose Engineered Wood for Strength & Versatility

Growing in popularity among our customers is engineered wood. These are real wood planks that have been improved during the manufacturing process. This type of wood flooring is made with a veneer of wood species on the top and underlying layers of high-density fiberboard bonded securely together. This results in flooring that is tough and long-lasting, as well as beautiful, for the surface shows your choice of hardwood species.

Versatility is a key benefit of engineered hardwood. After being enhanced for performance, this flooring option is highly resistant to moisture. This means you can install it in rooms in your home that just aren’t right for solid wood. These planks work as well in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement as they do in the living room, dining room, or foyer.

Versatility also extends to installation applications. These planks can be glued or stapled in place or floated on the subfloor. And, let’s not forget about the beauty. We have engineered wood planks in a variety of species, textures, finishes, and colors. With this type of wood flooring, you get all the beauty of hardwood with additional design versatility for you. Be sure to speak to our flooring experts who are ready to answer your questions and offer you helpful advice.

Select Solid Hardwood for Its Beauty & Longevity

The other type of wood flooring we offer is solid wood. These are the floors you’ve admired in classic homes. They’re made of thick planks milled from a single board of hardwood. As with engineered wood, solid wood planks can be sanded and refinished to extend its life. However, as solid wood is thicker, you can refinish each plank several times for flooring that lasts as long as 100 years.


Contact us today to discuss the merits of engineered and solid wood floors. With a showroom in Oxford, Alabama, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Calhoun, Talladega, and Lincoln counties, as well as Bynum and Delta, and the surrounding areas.


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